Per-Incident Support

Sometimes all you need is a little help.

Per-Incident support is a great way to get those odd-ball projects out of the way while experiencing first hand just how responsive we are.

Per-Incident Technical Services


At MTS we understand that every client has different needs and budgets.  While many clients take full advantage of our unlimited service offerings, many others just don't need that much support.  Per-Incident Technical Services gives those clients access to the same highly qualified PC, network, security and telecom engineers with a pay-as-you-go program. Per-incident technical services is the perfect starting point for clients who have not yet experienced the quality service we provide and the concern we have for their wellbeing.    To get started with a per-incident support session,Just give us a call at 973-808-2882.  It's that easy.


Security is a priority. We give you a one-session key to grant us access.  Use that key to "open the door" for us to come in, once!  When that session is over, the key is expired and we're once again locked out.


With per-incident support we can work with you over the phone; or, using secure remote access tools, we can connect directly to your PC, file server, firewall, or other devices.  You see what we see, so you can be as involved as you like, or not at all.


But you are always in control.  Some systems may not be worth the cost of repair.  We will diagnose the problem, provide an expert's estimate of what it will take to repair, and let you decide.  If you chose not to repair your system, we can even apply a portion of the diagnostic fee towards the cost of a replacement system.


The bottom line:  We want to work WITH you so you'll come back to Managed Technical Services again and again.  It's a plan that's been bringing our clients back for over 25 years.


To learn more about our Per-Incident Technical Services,

contact us by phone at 973-808-2882, or e-mail,

MTS provides support VIA telephone, Remote Access and On-Site

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