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Remember when life was simple and the only reason for a backup was protection from hardware failures.

Not sure what type of backup is right for you?   Or even what your options are?

There's a lot to consider.

  • Local, off-site or both?
  • How many restore points?
  • Redundant file server VS. pure data copies
  • Recovery Time
  • Geographic Redundancy
  • Expense VS Security


Let MTS help you navigate the options and decide what's right for your business security and budget.

Call us today at 973-808-2882 because waiting for a better time could be a big mistake.


Watch this short video & then give us a call to discuss what's right for your business

MTS saved

our a--!

We are all completely dependent on our technology. When something goes wrong, it has to be addressed immediately. When hurricane Sandy flooded our shop, it was MTS that saved our a-- with a replacement server and immediate data recovery from the backup process they installed just a few months earlier.    I would definitely recommend MTS to anyone looking for sold network management and a company to watch their back.

Danny Moran, President Custom Steel Contractors, Inc.

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  • Serious about Backup
  • Serious about Recovery
  • Serious about Business Continuity
  • Serious about Business....... Your Business

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