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Cyber Security

Cyber Security is much more than Anti-Virus

Perhaps no other term in the IT world has more definitions than Cyber Security.


And for the most part they are all correct.  Because everyones use of technology is slightly different, Cyber Security means something different to every person, every business and every government entity.


AntiVirus, AntiMalware, Firewalls, Internet and e-mail acceptable use policies, Password Management, PC-Placement,.. They all play a role in Cyber Security.  Now more than ever a comprehensive plan should be deployed in your organization.  MTS will work with you to address all aspects of Cyber Security


We even have a plan with a Ransom Guarantee


MTS has been protecting the digital assets of  small and medium business since 1993.

The ever increasing list of threats and vulnerabilities demands constant attention and quick adoption of the latest protective measure.

WIthout the right tools you may never know whos looking at your data.
Hackers are unseen invaders of your network

Who's accessing your network?

Being a Managed Services Provider for hundreds of clients, both small and large, MTS is exposed to security issues at every level and of every size.  That makes MTS uniquely qualified to identify the real threats and separate real needs from the market hype.  We're always on the hunt for, and testing, new solutions to deliver the best possible protection for any budget.

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The days of not being overly concerned about Cyber-Security are over.

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Forensic Information answers the questions we all have after a virus.


Analysis: Threat took advantage of an unpatched vulnerability in Google Chrome. Machine was in Alert Only mode. Client had experienced two crypto attacks the two previous weeks and was looking for a solution to the problem.


Follow-Up: Threat attempted to execute via command & control communication to 15 different countries including the Republic of Korea. Forensics sent to client’s IT team for additional review and recommended system updates. Threat was removed through Remediation. Client accepted our advice and replaced their existing anti-virus. We enabled full client protection.


Data Loss: None

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